Neon Rainbows (Roterdam) i Wolvon (Groningen) @ GUN CLUB (subota 23. jun, 22.30)

::: BEOGRAD :::

Reprezentativni predstavnici nezavisne holandske scene stižu u Beograd!
Gun Club svim Beograđanima poklanja BESPLATAN koncert grupa NEON RAINBOWS I WOLVON!
WOLVON is a relatively new name from the underground of Groningen (The Netherlands), although the 'three bearded avengers’ have earned lots of indie credits by organizing shows in their home town. They’ve released a debut 7” EP called “comfort.” which brought them good reviews and more importantly many gigs around the country. Currently WOLVON is hailed as one of the live-revelations of the Netherlands.
The EP contains three tracks full of hypnotic, mesmerizing, dissonant noise and distorted, reverberating vocals. Or as their biography says: “WOLVON gives comfort to those in need. Although their words are often lost in holy reverberations, they will show you the right from the wrong. And do so with a passion born from the hearts of men. And deer. And Women.”

This Rotterdam indie rock band formed around the remaining two members of once semi-important Dutch punkrock outfit Feverdream. They’ve passed their ‘angry teens’ and ‘identity searches of their 20s’ and continue play when and wherever they can, whether that is in the Dutch venues or on their tours in Italy, Germany or wherever. Neon Rainbows represents the DIY spirit in every sense of the word, with their own studio and independent way of organizing themselves, their tours and their music. When you’ve played all the venues you wanted to play in the Netherlands (with bands like Feverdream, The Solo Men Only, The Hands, Oil, De Vogels, At No Bikini Beach and Model Fuckers to name a few) being in a band is no longer about ego’s, but about playing the music you want to play without compromising. Having a mid-life crisis is for a band exactly the opposite as it is for the typical civil servant. Where he might dream about sleeping with his secretary and driving a motorcycle, or living in the suburbs or having a secretary in the first place, Neon Rainbows struggles, comes back up, slips, makes new plans, fails and do what they always did: dream, play, fight, record, release records, loading vans… it almost looks like a band. They’ve released a 12” debut LP on Dutch indie label Subroutine. They play raw and driven indie rock.

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